Visit to Glenstal Abbey School

Thanks to the efforts of my nephew Conor Hanson, I was invited down to Glenstal boarding school to chat to some of the transition year students there on Saturday 11th November where I outlined my route to an interested audience. Using a projected map of Africa, I referrred to the geography, cultures and history of different areas of the continent and what I could expect to see and experience. I discussed the changing scenery from Sahara to Sahel, savannah and into rain forest and reverting back again to savannah and desert and then the more Mediterranean climate in the south. I also tried to cover the colonial heritage of most of the countries on the route - whether France, Portugal, Germany or Britain. After a few words about the charity Self Help and why I support their approach, the questions came thick and fast - indicating an encouraging level of interest on the students' behalf and their intention to follow the journey on the website. And of course they were keen to see the bike! Great to see their enthusiasm. Left some sponsorship cards and hope the lads will pursue collecting donations.HughGlenstal