Hugh Leaves Kilkenny

On Saturday 2nd December 2006, a cold and windy winter day, Hugh's family and close friends gathered at The Grove to help him with his final preparations. We all ate a fine late breakfast, hoovered, swept, backed up computers, fixed panniers, cut and stuck stickers and generally buzzed about until about 1pm.


In convoy, we then set off for Kilkenny. Despite forecasts to the contrary, the Sun blazed down on us as we drove into Kilkenny to blaring horns and the delighted stares of onlookers.


We arrived at the City Hall well before the appointed hour of 2 O'Clock - an unheard of event in Bergin family history - to be welcomed by Iggy and Dion of BlakesTown Tyres along with many other supporters.
Monica Gorman and Nancy Aburi (pictured with hugh above) from Self Help were there too and had come prepared with a giant banner and collection boxes.

If collections went well, they doubled when, soon after, an estimated 500 motorcyclists led by Santa on a trike rode past with horns blaring and onlookers whistling and shouting. Hugh's sister Patricia and her son, Conor, valiantly held the banner across the street for the bikers to pass under.

The Mayor of Kilkenny, Martin Brett, had a permanent beam on his face as the crowds cheered and his City rose with the biker congregation to applaud this great undertaking.


With a final round of handshakes, a few last photos and a farewell wave to his family and friends, Hugh climbed aboard his BMW Dakar and headed south accompanied by some of his close, biker friends.

Good Luck Hugh!

We'll be following Hugh's progress with regular updates from Hugh so check back soon.

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